April 28, 2012

Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Clinic...

Yesterday we took Taelyn to get her 4 month vaccinations at the clinic, but they were out. So what does everyone do when the clinic is out of vaccines?...go to the beach of course! We are always looking for places to live so we took a trip to the small, lazy town of Puerto Morelos. And
boy, was it lazy! Tiny little tourist shops. Maybe 2 or 3 restaurants. One or two resorts on the end of town. It was one step away from being quaint. But how completely gorgeous was the water? Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Its home to the Great Mesoamerican Reef so there were a lot of dive boats and fisherman boats right off the shore. I just wanted to sit on the pier all day and enjoy the sun.

This small little town definitely has potential to become a tourist town. However, I'm curious if the locals like their little town just so. Maybe they don't want it to become another Playa. Seth and I were sitting outside the seafood restaurant, Pelicanos, eating and talking about if we could live here. No. I couldn't live here. I'm pretty laid back, and I don't need a lot to entertain. But even I thought this was a little too small and laid back for us. Guess that gives me all the more reason to make a day trip occasionally to visit their beautiful waters.