May 3, 2012

5th Street...

I just love 5th Street! I know right now that I'm still wrapped up in the tourist side of Playa, but I think even those who have lived here for awhile still like to take a stroll down 5th occasionally. The street runs about 4 miles long from Playacar to the end of Playa with restaurants, shops, street food vendors, entertainment, and coffee shops to amuse even
those most picky of tourists. Luckily, its only about a 5 minute walk from our home so we've made the jaunt a few times now. I still enjoy looking at all the different types of clothing stores and restaurants even though I don't buy anything.  Although, all the little tourist gift shops look pretty much exactly the same, I still peek in them as we stroll by just in the off chance I might possibly see something different. What we like to do the most though is observe all the different people going about on their vacations. Imagine having a sea of people from all over the world crushed into this one pedestrian street. Its a people watcher's dream! Seth and I do what all couples do and comment about how odd people can be because of course, we are the only normals ones there. Ya know? One thing is for sure, I don't see myself tiring of 5th anytime soon, and I'm sure we will make it a weekly walk for us while we live in Playacar.

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  1. I looove 5th Avenue! I'm like you... I never buy anything, but you can't beat the people watching.