May 4, 2012

A Bug's Life - Part 1...

When we first arrived here, everywhere I turned there were Volkswagen Beetles (Bugs). Every age, condition, style, color, and condition can be found cruising down the streets of Playa del Carmen. My home is located on the main street that people use to drive into Playacar so while
I'm cooking, I see the most interesting Bugs drive by and think about how common place they are here. Yet in the United States, when someone sees a Bug on the road they compete to be the first to say, "Slug Bug!" because they are just so rare and different from other cars out there. So I've become one of those funny little American tourists hopping in excitement when I see a Bug in a parking lot and rush over to take pictures. You should see how the Mexicans stare at me. Crazy Gringa!


  1. lol this is too funny! we had my family visit a few weeks ago and they pointed out the bugs everywhere ( i had never noticed before) and now when we take a trip into town we count how many bugs we see. Seriously one day just on a hwy alone into town, 45 mins i saw 30!! This is in Puerto Vallarta so they must be really popular everywhere in Mexico!

    1. I already have a collection of 30 more pics of bugs to put out so this is by no means the only Bug post. They are crazy popular here!