May 24, 2012

Home Sweet Home...

Seth, Taelyn, and I are going home to Dallas/Oklahoma to visit my family. I'm so stinkin' excited! Without a doubt I would say that the hardest part of adapting to expat life is being away from my family. This will be the first time that my sister's family and my grandparents have met
the baby, and my parents haven't seen her in 5 months. It will be quite a trip.

I'd love to say it will be a leisure visit, but unfortunately, we have to take care of some business. We have to clean out our storage unit since we now know that we will be living abroad for quite some time. We have to get my driver's license name changed, taxes filed, car title changed, and Taelyn's Social Security Number filed. She was so kind as to be born a week before the tax year ended so we get to claim her for the whole year! Yippy for Mommy and Daddy!

I'll still be making a few posts, but they will be from the good 'ol USA. Now you get to see our Texan/Oklahoman life too! Of course, I'm biased, but I think my family is fantastic and a great read!

Note to any possible thieves: If you are lurking around my facebook or blog, and see our absence as a sign to break into our home, I thought you should know we have nothing, and I do mean nothing of value for you here. Best to skip on down to the houses in Phase II. Much better stashes there. :)

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