May 27, 2012

Homeward Bound...

Its been a long 7 months since I've been home to see my family. When we finally cleared customs, and I walked through the exit doors, I immediately started bawling when I saw my sister. Oh, how I missed my family. Although, we love living abroad and really have no desire to
move back to
Dallas, nothing can replace family no matter how beautiful it is in Mexico. 
All rest stops in Oklahoma have picnic tables set up like teepees.
Who doesn't love a fried pie filled with fruit, cream, meat.
 You name it!
We spent a short night/half day at my sisters before we started our trek to Oklahoma to visit my parents and grandparents for the weekend. Its funny how I've driven this highway many times, but this time, I tried to see it through a bloggers eyes and show you some things that are unique to my home state.
Winstar Casino
Riverwind Casino right in the middle of OKC
Here's a little history lesson for you. Gambling is against the law in Oklahoma...unless you are on Indian Territory of course.  I'll sum this up for you. White man stole land from American Indians by promising them future land and property. White man lied and took advantage of Indians lack of knowledge of White Man's ways. American Indians got smart. Went to college. Learned the ways of the white man. Took white man to court. Won back land. Created own territories within state lines. Have own laws. Don't pay taxes. Created own schools. Built casinos. Made millions. There's much controversy about whether the land should have gone back to the Indians or not. Ultimately, at this point, I'm not sure it matters because the casinos have been built, and the people come from all over to lose their money at them. The irony is not lost on me.

On a lighter note. I just love watching all the farmland pass us by as we zoom down the highway. Even though we grew up with horses and cows and bales of hay sitting out in fields, I still marvel at that lifestyle. Waking up at the crack of dawn to go work the fields, the whole family integrated into the livelihood of the family. Its a pretty unique concept in today's fast paced, "me, me" world today. I'll stick with my suburban lifestyle, but I can still romanticize about good 'ol American farm life, right?

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