May 20, 2012

Tulum- Part II...

There were just so many pictures of Tulum that I couldn't get them all in one post. So rather than have you all go though a million pictures, I decided to do multiple posts so you can choose if you want to keep looking. Most of these are more of the quirky side of Tulum. Who'd
a thunk we'd find a Dairy Queen in the Tulum Ruin parking lot. They are a rare find in Oklahoma and Texas, but we go to Panama and Mexico and find them everywhere. The irony was not lost on us.

Yes, of course, I got a Blizzard. Who wouldn't?
Saw this on another patron's table and couldn't
resists its sheer yummy wrongness!
Seth always gets a sandwich. Always.

After doing our stroll around the pyramids, we of course needed to get our yum on. There was this really fantastic restaurant right when you walk back down the mile long road at the exit. We would have thought it would have been so so food, but the food and service proved to be pretty good. Just a little tip for tourists: make sure you look at your receipt before you pay. Mexican restaurants are notorious for adding the "propina" (tip) at the bottom even for our small party of three. Also, if I can lecture just a pinch more. Take the time to find a "PESOS" ATM. Put those American dollars away because even though they will take your Ben Frank's, you will be taken in the exchange rate of all the shop owners and waiters quick math in the head calculations. 

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