May 18, 2012


Last Monday we took a little drive about 45 minutes from Playa to Tulum to see some of the larger Mayan ruins before my mother-in-law went home. Boy, were we surprised when we drove up! I have to say that Mexico has this tourist thing down because it looked like we were
driving into an amusement park. Not at all what I expected....huge parking lot with lots of tour buses, guides with maps, shops at the entrance, Dairy Queen...all they needed was a carousel.
The entrance to the pyramids was through this tunnel.
Quite mysterious, I'd say!
Once we walked down the mile long road that leads to the ruins (little hint: buy the ticket for the train. Its worth it), we finally entered the beautiful world of Tulum. It was gorgeous! The large Mayan ruins overlooked the ocean in the most breathtaking and dramatic display. Unfortunately, they had to rope off the ruins because apparently people have stolen the rocks over time. Shame on you tourist thieves! Even though we couldn't walk up the pyramids, it was still just absolutely beautiful to be looking across a cliff with the ocean crashing beneath you and seeing the Mayan temple across the way knowing it has been there for thousands and thousands of years.
My husband was obsessed with the faces etched into the walls.
This is one of many, many, many pictures he took.
Doesn't even do it justice! Just beautiful!
There were tunnel trees throughout to provide shade.

A little note for all, I would leave the kiddies at home. The sun can be quite relentless, and its almost impossible to push a stroller around. I hate to say it too, but its not the most handicap friendly tourist attraction. But if you want a place where you can look at the ruins, and also get your swim on, then this is the place. We will be going back in the summer with my nieces without the baby so maybe I'll be able to get some better beach pictures.