June 23, 2012

Blink! and She's in College...

My daughter, Taelyn, turned 6 months old today. Whew! 6 months! I was looking back at all her cuzillion pictures, and I can't believe how much she has grown. I know all parents say these things, but now I can relate to them so much more. I was never a baby person before. I was
never one to  "goo goo, gaw gaw" at another baby. Honestly, when someone would point out a baby, I'd go, "sweet" because that was what was expected of me. But now, that I'm a mother, I find myself smiling at other babies. I look at them (of course, with scrutinizing eyes) and their development and "ooh and ahh" with the other mothers. I guess you just naturally grow into being a mom and doing mommy things.

These past 6 months have been crazy. We have moved to 2 countries, found different doctors, learned vaccination procedures, used 6 different baby formulas, adjusted to cultural differences, accepted language barriers, changed drinking water procedures, sweated in different humidity climates, and....lived with colic. Yes, its a noun in this case. I would never wish a colic baby on another no matter how much they were my enemy. Seth and I swear the reason there are families with one child is because of colic. Dealing with a child that is in pain for 2-5 hours a day can wear on even the most calmest of mothers. But we got through it! Thank you, Lord! And now, we just love our baby to bits, and I can't wait for another. Funny how things evolve. 

So here are some pictures of my beautiful little angel. We are just madly in love with her. And I'm sure even you non-baby lovers will be just as awed as us. Yes, I'm sure you will be. :)
From the moment she was in my arms, I knew my heart was forever another's.
1 Month
Let the colic begin!
That vibrating chair was a God send
2 Months
Look! I can hold my head up...and my foot too!
3 Months
Look into my are getting very sleepy
I'm not sleeping as much which means Mommy isn't sleeping much
4 Months
I found my tongue and learned how to laugh
I also found out there was a snail behind me this whole time! Sneaky!
5 Months
I can do the army crawl
Ssshhh...don't tell Mommy, but I broke in my first two teeth!
6 Months
Me love me some chayote!
I learned to say, "Momma"

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