June 22, 2012

Short Cozumel Trip...

Seth and I are always looking for different parts of the Yucatan that we may want to live. So we decided to go over and check out some Cozumel properties. The girls went along, of course, because they had never been to Cozumel. After looking at some condos with a real estate agent,
we came to the conclusion that the island was not for us. Mainly because dogs seem to be an issue in most condos. Secondly, everything just seemed a little outdated, not kept up at all. So, that part was a bust. However, we got to spend a day with the girls without the baby (found a nanny we LOVE) and hang out with no where to go for a few hours.
Hair Gone Wild

Sabah grabbed Sarah hand and said, "C'mon, lets go for a walk."
Love those moments.
"Dang it, Seth! Smile. Its not about you."
"Ahhh...look at the happy family."
"There you go again. Pretend you're happy!"
Seth has accepted that I am a blogger and scrapbooker so that only means that everything, and I do mean everything must be recorded on film. Because he is madly in love with me and knows it makes me happy, he accepts it. Begrudingly. But accepts none the less. The girls are learning that since they are our adopted daughters for the summer they in turn will have their entire lives documented. They too are learning to accept.
He needed some props. All we could find were some straws.
That'll work.
Sarah always cooperates. Love me some Sarah!
See, how much they are participating. They love this camera thing!

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