June 21, 2012

Sweet Sixteen...

My niece Sabah celebrated her 16th birthday this past Sunday. For Americans this is a very big birthday. You get your driver's license! So after 6 months of drivers education, driving with her mom (nerve racking!), and studying, she missed the big day to go get her official license and instead came to Mexico. Me...I think I would have stayed in Texas, taken the driving test, and come to Mexico after, but that's me. So, I tried to make it as special as possible for her since she is now going to have to wait 2 months before she can go to the DMV (Drivers Motor Vehicle Office) to get her official license. Let's hope she's a much better driver than I was when I turned 16! 

Sarah and I set out the night before to get her the perfect cake. We went with Tres Leche because well, we are in Mexico after all. Also, Sabah doesn't like dark chocolate so that pretty much limits your options. Crazy, I know. But we still claim her as a family member. After cake and ice cream, we went to 5th Street for some yum, yum. Sabah and I shared a Filet Mignon Flambé with mushroom sauce. It was pretty fun to watch them make it because who doesn't like something set on fire? Then because we liked the flame show so much, we decided to go for round 2 and share a Bananas Flambé. 

Since it was Sunday and Father's Day, all the mariachi bands were off for the day. Unfortunately, the only means of entertainment was a gringo singing his version of some 80's rock ballad. Now, I'm a child of the 80's and I couldn't even think of what song he was singing. You're the winner if you can tell me what song goes, "Don't let me die" over and over and over. Have pity on the poor souls that paid him to sing a song before they knew what they were getting into. I think they finally paid him to leave. Wrong. Just wrong.

After dinner, we decided to stroll over to Playacar Phase I and walk on the beach. The girls had never taken off their shoes and strolled along on the water's edge so I'm thinking they kinda liked it. They got to see some barnacle growing on a tree limb. For those who have never been really around the ocean, it is quite intriguing to see. We had a good time and finally had to head home because a storm was threatening to downpour on us. 

All in all, I think she had a good day. I didn't make her do any laundry, dishes, or cleaning. She pretty much got to sit on her computer and tweet all day on Twitter. The best part was the next day when her sister tried to eat the last piece of cake. I said, "Huh, uh. Sabah's birthday. Sabah's cake." Oh, she loved that! 


  1. COngrats, Sabah! Sounds like a perfect day :)

  2. awww...16!
    i used to think that 16 is the best age in the teen life.
    congratulations for Sabah