June 7, 2012

Texas Country...

We are back from our visit to the US. I had so much fun visiting my family, and it was extremely hard to say good-bye. Any expat will tell you that they may love where they live but being away from family is the hardest part of the journey.

The one thing that seems to strike Seth and me the most when we go back is how big and over the top everything is in the US....the cars, the houses, the
highways, the food, the stores...its just all so lavish. Of course, Texas has its own little quirks that make it...well...Texas. The highways have the Texas Star as decor elements in the concrete. The people have metal art in the shape of the state decorating the outside of their houses. And of course, the soccer mom's are rampant in their big massive SUV's charging down the road to their next soccer, tumbling, or baseball practice.
 Even though Texans know that Texas is not its own country, many like to think it is or should be. In fact, its not uncommon to come across a Texan who's never left the state line. "Why when I have everything I need here?" We're not complaining about our home state at all. Its just when you look at it from an almost outsiders view, it makes you giggle a little. If you can't laugh at your own peeps in a endearing kind of way, then what's the point of laughing at all?


  1. Yes! Whenever I go back to the US (Virginia), I'm overwhelmed by how big and grand everything is. Cars, houses, yards, malls, highways... it seems ridiculous now that I have an "outsider's" view.

    I love it, though, especially the big malls!

    1. We did our fair share of shopping. Since Seth is a big guy, clothing options are pretty limited here. We bought an entire new wardrobe for him and some food essentials for me.