July 28, 2012

No Really?!?

This is my favorite purse. I don't mean I just kinda like this purse. I mean I'm madly in love with this purse. She came into my life about 10 years ago when I was shopping with a roommate at the Galleria in Dallas. We were just bored and walking around
when I walked in the Banana Republic, and she spoke to me. Literally, she said, "Kristen! Kristen! You must buy me! You and I will go far in life and experience many journeys! We will look fantastic with EVERYTHING! Yes, EVERYTHING!" And so, I bought her as well as the red canvas sandals that matched perfectly. And since my roommate and I now had made some grand purchases and looked absolutely fantastic, we decided we must go out for the evening so everyone could admire us and realize how absolutely gorgeous we look. (But really you and I both know it was really about how great my purse looked).
So imagine my horror when I went into the closet to organize my shoes, and I noticed a strange, sickly smell while I pulled my favorite purse from the bottom with dog urine caked onto the bottom of it. Yes, you heard me right. Dog urine. Hence, the picture of the black dog above. That dang dog had peed on my closet floor which then off course, my favorite canvas purses soaked up like a sponge in a desert. Why would such dog do this to my favorite purse? I don't know, I've been asking her that for the last 4 days, but she refuses to answer. I just keep looking at her and saying, "Sadie! You're not a cat. You're a dog. A dog, dang it! You don't pee on your owners things. You definitely DO NOT sneak into closets and relieve yourself on their most prized possessions!" She just stares at me with this dumb look, and I realize that I will never understand what's going through her pea sized brain. Yes, I know, I'm writing with a little bit of meanness right now. But I still haven't gotten over my favorite purse being victimized so shamelessly.

I begrudgingly through the purse in the washer, praying to the purse gods that she would make it through the spin cycle. She made it! She's a little frayed on the ends and the leather is a little stiff right now, but she pulled through like a trooper. And now, I'm hanging her up on a hanger inside the closet...far, far, far away from any possible "accidents" that may arise in the future. And the dog? We're stuck with her. I suppose I still love her...kind of. 

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  1. My dogs have peed on my bed... twice. Usually they're so well-behaved, but we do have the occasional angry moment.

    Cute purse!