July 29, 2012

Who'd a Thunk?

My favorite picture of us
As a blogger not only do I love to talk and talk, but I also follow other people who love to talk and talk. Often, I wonder about those weird things that make a person who they are, but we never really learn in blogging world. We get so caught up in telling you about our adventures or
facts about others that we forget to really talk about who we are as people. So I started to think of some things that make me up as the person I am today. Enjoy!

  1. I'm addicted to ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla, swirl. No sherbets or fruit stuff. Just the real honest to God, rich taste of creamy deliciousness of ice cream. My favorite mixes? Braums' (local ice cream shop) Chocolate Toffee and Ben and Jerry's Everything But The...
  2. I hate the feel of grass touching my ankles. Completely freaks me out. All I think about is all the little things climbing around on those blades of grass that I can't see. Just give me the heebee jeebees!
  3. My husband tells me that I'm beautiful every day. And every time, I kind of giggle and say, "Thank you." Never get used to hearing it.
  4. I paid for my own college education and graduated with no debt or student loans. Definitely something I'm very proud of and is beyond difficult in the US.
  5. I am horribly afraid of spiders. I mean like, stop dead in my tracks, frozen scared, can't even speak, squealing baby if the spider moves kind of scared. I'm a complete wuss no matter how small or big the spider.
  6. My daughter, Seth's mother, Seth's grandmother, my grandmother, and I all have the same name as either our first or middle: Virginia
  7. I worked 20 years in retail. I was pretty darn good at what I did. I had absolutely no problem walking away to be a stay at home mom and wife.
  8. I lost 75 pounds about 8 years ago. Took up running and ran in a marathon 6 years ago. I ended up becoming a volunteer running coach for a local running store and trained others in how to run in half marathons. The weight battle has its up and downs, but I have managed to keep 50 pounds of the original 75 off going through "falling in love eating" and "pregnancy weight." 
  9. My worst fear is failure. I'm a perfectionist by fault and quite anal. I've noticed that since I've had the baby I don't really care if all the towel corners are perfectly square anymore. I'm learning to let things go and not sweat the small stuff. Everything not being perfect is not failure. Its just everything not being perfect. Its all good.
  10. I LOVE chandeliers. Not just kinda like them. LOVE THEM! I love the gaudy, obnoxious, Liberace, bling bling chandeliers. I believe there is a place in every room of a house for a chandelier. Maybe not a big one, but there is a place somewhere. 
What about you? What little known fact may people not know about you?

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  1. I loooove the feeling of grass! So summery!

    Congrats to you on graduating debt-free thanks to your own hard work :)