July 31, 2012

Yeah Me!...

No, I'm not turning this into a cooking blog. I just had to share how proud I was of myself. I made my very first, honest to God, homemade pie crust! I know, I'm tickled too! Although I love to cook, baking has never been my forte. Certain
things have always scared the bee gee bee's out of me...biscuits, pie crusts, and custards. I know, I know. How can I be from the South and not know how to make biscuits and pie crusts? I have no excuse. But in my defense, I make a dang good gravy so nothing wrong with letting Pillsbury help you along in the biscuit department. Right?

What I love the most about living in a foreign country is how one must learn to use their smarts to figure out what ingredients are called in that country. For example, in Panama mustard was called mustardo. In Mexico, its mostaza. In Panama flour was just called horina unless it was specifically horina de maiz. In Mexico, they use flour in so many different ways that you must distinguish between horina blanco, horina de trigo, and horina de maiz. This of course works wonders for my Spanish every time I go to the store.
This is Crisco. Who knew?
What I love even more is that Nutella which is a hazelnut spread in the states is pretty much just sold as Nutella. I've only just started seeing off brands for it. However, in Mexico, I guess its used often, and they have lots of brands and sizes of containers. Of course, I love this most because it cuts down on the cost of gringo food and the wallet.
Couldn't find Karo syrup. So I used Baby Karo.
I didn't even know there was Baby Karo.
I think I did pretty well with my first crust. The recipe I used made 5 balls of dough that I froze for later use. I'm already thinking maybe, just maybe, I can expand my pie making skills and make a peach pie since that's Seth's favorite. I think my husband may cry!

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  1. Holy cr*p, that looks SOOOOOOOO good!
    Congratulations on your first pie crust :)