August 24, 2012

Date Day at the Beach...

What do a group of paramedics, one shouting diver, a diva, two policemen, and a topless woman have in common? Well, Akumal, of course! Seth and I spent the day at our favorite beach and from the moment we got there, it was almost like we were watching a movie. Funny
thing is that Akumal is a pretty low key, easy going, family oriented beach. But yesterday, it was the best little short film I've watched in a long time!

First we had the paramedics who were assisting a couple of people that I'm guessing went too deep and maybe swallowed a bit too much sea water. Then, we had a very angry diver who was accusing a women acting like a diva of stealing something out of the dive shop. He called over the police and insisted that they arrest her. Then to top it off, we had a women whom I'm going to go out on a limb and say was European walking around the beach topless. Me, I don't really care. Mommies at the family beach, not so happy about it. Sorry to disappoint but I opted not to take any nudie pictures for the blog.

Taelyn and I are going back to the US next week for a little 3 week visit with the family. Poor Seth has to stay here and work. We wanted to spend a little alone time with each other and decided that a day at the beach was the best way to have some good 'ol quality couple time! Gotta love my husband because sitting on a beach all day doing pretty much nothing is not the easiest thing for him, but he soldiered through it like a trooper! What a good day!

After a nice long day of doing pretty much nothing, we had to eventually pack all of our stuff up and return to reality. I mean, the nanny won't stay forever (God knows we wish she would)! On our way out, we stopped off at a few of the gift shops and artist shops. Definitely wish we would have gone in when my parents were here because they would have loved it! A lot of times the stores just have your same 'ol manufactured typical Mexican souvenirs. But these had more unique pieces that were created by individual artists. We will definitely be back to pick up a few things before Christmas!

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  1. I looove Akumal! And I agree that their shops have better items than most souvenir places around here.

    I didn't see any topless girls last time I was there, but there were plenty of thongs (which you don't see much of in Mexico until recently)