August 27, 2012

El Fogon...


I've been meaning to share with you this little place for awhile now, but I just never seemed to get around to it. Seth and I have been going to El Fogon for about 3 months now when we are craving cheap and flavorful tacos and arrachera (flank steak). Its a well known fact that the best
places to go are those frequented by locals, and this place has a good combination of locals and tourists. 

There are three locations off or nearby 30th street. So if you are tourist, its an easy walk from most hotels off of 5th or any taxi will easily know any one of the locations. You've got the one off of Constituyentes and 30th, 6th and 30th, and 35th in el Centro. We have been going to the one by the Mega off of Constituyentes and 30th, but we are going to switch to one of the others because its very smoky and getting outside tables is harder. The other two locations are a lot more local, but you never have to wait in line and the seating arrangements are much better. Whatever one you choose, you'll have a good time. Trust me, this place is soooo much better than any manufactured restaurant off of 5th Street. Plus, you won't pay insane prices. Remember, its a locals place too so the prices have to remain reasonable. I think when we went with my nieces and my parents our bill came to about $60 USD, and that was including meals for each of us and a few adult beverages. 

They've got pretty much whatever you could be craving. Tacos el pastor, arrachera, nachos, fundido de pollo, beans, etc. Most of the waiters speak English or some parts of it so no worries about the translation part. Also, when my mom went, she wanted fundido with pork but they didn't have it on the menu. No problemo! Waiter fixed her up and got her what she wanted. She was beyond thrilled. Also, the margaritas are fantastic, but watch our for the tequila. They don't skimp on the alcohol at all, and you'll pay for it later (just trust me).

What I like the most about the place is not just the food, but the atmosphere. The pork slowly being turned and charred on the spit. Cooks grilling up meat right in front of you. The sound of the onions sizzling in all that wonderful grease only to be placed directly on your plate. Every order is made at the moment it is placed so you won't be eating food that's been sitting there on the warmer for hours. Its fresh and yummy!

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  1. I used to go to one of there locations back in Acapulco every week! Great place :)