September 27, 2012

House of Glass...

Well I've been back home, Mexico, that it is for almost a week now. Hence, the complete total lack of silence from me. So much to do! So much to do! After taking one day of rest, two days of unpacking, 3 days of catching up with the husband, and 4 days of getting everything back to exactly the way I wanted it, I'm back in the game!

I had a few more things I wanted to share with you all about my trip to Oklahoma. So, even though I'm back in Playa, the next few posts will be Oklahoma based
because well...I want to. (And I think these next few things are really neat)

While my Mother in Law was visiting, we took her to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit. The exhibit's been there since 2002 when Oklahoma City started revamping the downtown area, and I've been numerous times. But, its just so beautiful, that every time is a new experience. I just knew Susan would love it, and of course, she did!

Along with the Chihuly exhibit, there is a fairly large selection of artwork that the museum has acquired from well known artists. They have their permanent selection that is available all the time. But, they also do a great job of doing temporary exhibits of themes or artists, some well known and some new. This time around, they had a whole entire section dedicated to golf art. Who'd a thunk that there was a "golf" art category. Consider me educated now!

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