September 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink...

While in Oklahoma, my mom insisted that we go to this new store that had opened up in the downtown area. I was like, "Ok, ok, Mom. We'll get there when we get there." Totally blowing her off of course because that's what daughters do. Let me say now, "I apologize to you Mother
for not trusting you and believing that you were taking me to the coolest place ever!"

Pinkitzel's was just the neatest store I've been to in a long, long time. Its a combination cupcake, candy, party, and fun toy shop all wrapped up into one. Immediately upon entering, you get this Londish, funish, quirkish feel. The girls working behind counter said it was owned by a interior decorator wife and graphic artist husband. Well, there you go! That explains everything. Because let me tell you, I would never in my life been capable of coming up with anything close to what they did in this store.

When you first enter, all the pink and lavish decor overwhelms you. If you have ADD, then you're brain will go,"Yowzer!" and it will be impossible for you to focus. Uh hum, not that I know anyone who has ADD or anything. <pointing finger at self>

Anyway, so you immediately enter into the candy shop part of the store. There is just about any type of candy you can imagine here. Off to the side of the candy section is the random toy and accessory area. So much fun! Beyond the candy they have two different party rooms, one adult and one kid. Then they have the bakery section with little cafe tables and chairs for you to sit and eat the wonderful cupcakes that just happen to be right there for you to slobber over.

Just a mental note for you all, this will probably be a few posts over the course of the next few days. I just got completely snap happy and couldn't stop taking pictures while I was in there. That whole ADD thing we discussed earlier took over.


  1. Kristen - Can't beleive it. I was there and saw your transformation. Your Mom appreciates it.


  2. OMGoodness!!! The store is AMAZING!!! Thank you for all of the beautiful photos! How I would love to go visit!!! Is it expensive? Is it doing well? Very creative owners. ;)

  3. Jackie, your girls would have loved it there! It was so pink and fun! Believe it or not, the prices weren't that bad. We bought Taelyn a sippy cup and it was about $9.00. Yes, that's high, but it was a novelty item. When we were there it was a Saturday, and it was packed so I think it must be doing well.