November 30, 2012

Getting Fit Update...

Two things made me decide to quit being lazy and get on the bandwagon to a fitter me.

  1. I was rocking the baby to sleep one day and made the fatal error of looking in the mirror. What I saw was horrific! My clothes fit just fine, but I had all this blubber just hanging out. I said, "Hell no!" And that was the end of that! I was not going to keep looking in that mirror and seeing a stranger staring back at me. I was going to get back to who I used to be before baby!
  2. I watched over the course of 10 months while my blogging friend Laura from Gringation Cancun slowing got smaller and smaller because she changed her eating habits and started an aggressive workout program. At first, I was like, "She's 13 years younger than me. What does she know about losing weight after a baby." But, then I kept watching and watching and seeing her push herself to do things that she hated like running and going to the gym. Now, she looks fantastic, and I use her as an inspiration to keep myself going! So, thank you Miss Laura for making me get off my butt!

So with these two motivators, I started working on the P90X program about 2 months ago. I finished my Phase 2 of the program about a week ago, and I couldn't be more exited about the results! I do have to make a teensy confession that I took a full week off because of Thanksgiving food prep and then after Thanksgiving food prep crash. But I'm back on my program this week starting with Phase 3. I can't wait to see the result by the end of the full program.
Month Ago

 So far I've lost 10 pounds and about 2 inches off of all the important parts. Remember those shorts that I had to sew a second button? They don't even fit anymore. Thank goodness I had brought back a few pairs of shorts with me that were a size too small in hopes that I would one day fit in them. That red shirt in the photo? I couldn't even fit in that a month ago, and the shorts wouldn't go past my thighs when I started the program! "Yeah!" Anyone?
5 Months Ago
I've got one more month of the program, and I can't wait to see what happens in this month. I'd like to lose another 5 pounds which would be a total of 15 pounds for the full 3 month program. After I'm done with all the Phases, then I start them back over again, but I can mix it up a little bit to make it what I like. And of course, I'll continue to keep running. I wouldn't mind running in a 5k race again just to feel that race high that I haven't felt in so long. That would be cool!


  1. I can see a big difference!! Keep going, amiga, you look amazing.

    (and thanks for the shoutout)

    1. Thanks, Laura! I'm not sure I'll ever be a skinny minny like you, but I'm happy with the results.