December 3, 2012

Everything is Deliverable...

Imagine a tired, worn out mommy going to make the formula for the baby late at night, and when she looks in the formula can...gasp...its almost empty! She's just too tired lazy from all of her daily activities to get in the car and drive around the block to get more formula at the
pharmacy. What ever is she to do? Well, call the pharmacy and have them deliver it! Duh! Within 20 minutes, viola! A nice big can of formula without having to even put on her flip flops!


Delivered...HAPPY MOMMY!
Without a doubt, the one thing I love where we live is how everything can be delivered to your home. The best part is that there isn't even a deliver charge. You just give a little tip to the driver ($10 pesos/$.75 USD), and he's happy as can be! Even when we have a prescription that needs to be filled, we call it in, and give the prescription to the driver to take back to the pharmacy. How awesome is that?  Lazy, yes. But, awesome non the less. What makes it even cuter is how the holder for the meds on his bike is in the shape of a pill capsule. Cute, huh?

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