December 20, 2012

Christmas in the Square...

I think what has amazed me the most about Mexico is how much they get into the whole decorating thing. I really thought that the US had this one hands down, but now I'm thinking Mexico may be a close contender. The one thing that Mexico loves to do is have ridiculously,
gigantically tall Christmas trees in the different town squares. I haven't had time to take pics of all of them because we've been running around getting ready for our trip back to the States. However, here is the Christmas tree and Nativity outside the Municipal Building.

I love this little area so much. Its right in the middle of what is called centro (clearly because its in the middle of Playa). Not only does it house the Municipal Building, but its also where a lot of the concerts and carnivals happen. I know I sound weird when I say I like this building because of its clean lines. But what I really love about it is the mural painted on the wall inside the center square of the building. Its so distinctly Mexican and celebrates the culture and the people.

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