December 21, 2012

Off to the US...

I've been busy this week getting everything together for our trip back to the US for Christmas. You would think I have this down by now, but every time my lists keeping getting longer and my days shorter. Packing is easy. Its remembering what I'm forgetting that's so difficult!

This trip will be pretty action packed in the beginning. First, we fly to Atlanta to spend Christmas with Seth's family for 4 days. Then we fly into Dallas and drive to Oklahoma (cheaper that way) and spend Christmas with my family. Then we come back to Dallas and Seth flies out on the 1st while Taelyn and I stay for another 2 weeks. And yep, you guessed back to OKC for the rest of our stay until we fly out of Dallas...again! But its worth all the craziness, right?

I'm so looking forward to seeing our families and getting to spend the holidays with everyone. But boy, do I know we will be tired. Not only are we celebrating Christmas, but its Taelyn's 1st birthday on the 23rd. So with visiting all the families that means 2 birthdays and 2 Christmas's all packed into a week and half! Whew! Is your head spinning because mine sure is like crazy!

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