December 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl...

So my baby girl, Taelyn, is the big 1 year old today! I know everyone says this but I just can't believe how quickly the time has passed! Its been a fantastic year with our new addition, and I can't wait to see what year two brings us. This year, we celebrate two birthdays for Taelyn. One in Atlanta and one in Oklahoma. I don't think we'll hear any protest over 2 birthday cakes, huh?

Here's some of my favorite photos of Taelyn throughout the year.

1 Month
Look deeply into my should be
feeling very, very sleepy. 

2 Months
I figured out that I have a tongue.
I like to practice sticking it out. You never
know when you may need to use this skill in life.

3 months
The future's so bright. I gotta wear shades.

4 Months
Why? Why? Why does my Daddy
have to embarrass me so much? 

5 months
I can hold my head up all by myself! I can roll over
and even scoot on my tummy a bit.

6 Months
Eating is a messy job, but somebody has to do it.
I'm completely over my colic issues and eating baby food.
Life is good!

7 Months
Look Mommy, I can stand! I can stand!
Your life will NEVER be the same now because I'm
going to walk all over this house and you may or may
not be able to find me.

8 Months
I love me some fruit. I'm not a big fan of the mango, but I
love me some apples and tomatoes!

9 Months
I love giving Mommy and Daddy lots and lots of kisses.
Big open mouth, slobbery kisses.

10 Months
I love to peruse the fridge. When Mommy opens the door
I crawl like Speedy Gonzalez to get there before
she closes the door. This time...success!

11 Months
I finally figured out how to stand on my own.
But I can only do it when I have something in
my hand or preferably eating something...that may
not necessarily be edible.

12 Months
Mommy and Daddy bought this really cool tricycle for me to ride around on.
I can't push the peddles yet, but give me time.
Oh, and I'm totally a pro at that whole walking thing now.

But my favorite part of the gift...was the box. Who knew!

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