December 24, 2012

Christmas Past...

Enjoy some pics of my favorite Christmas memories while I chow down with family and catch up on times. Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have a wonderful, fun filled day.

I still remember sneaking into the front room at 3 am in the morning to see what Santa brought me. Then I had to wait 3 more hours to act surprised to get a race track and act like I didn't already open it. That was my ultimate favorite present of all time. I loved that damn track!

I was the worst child at hunting down my presents before Christmas. I just couldn't handle the anticipation. It killed me. One Christmas I broke into the shed (as I did every year) to find out what my presents were going to be that year. I thought my parents had gone shopping. Uh oh...I was so busted. They came home early and caught me red handed smiling with glee over my new pink robe and matching slippers. Guess what happened? They were so mad they returned everything, and my Christmas that year was much, much smaller than originally planned.
Don't let the costumes fool you. I was no angel. My sister, yes. Me? Not so much.

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