January 22, 2013

All in da Hood...

As I told you in my previous post, my brother and sister-in-law, Aaron and Heather, live in a neighborhood that is essentially one street about 1/2 mile long. It ends in a cul-de-sac which means that everyone knows everyone. All the houses are plantation style nestled in between
some woods that separate it from another neighborhood which looks essentially the same.

The intro house is Aaron and Heather's. They decorated really cute for Christmas with wreaths and garland, and Taelyn just loved the icicle lights at night. I love how all the houses have porches and are set up high. Now, given, walking up and down those front steps with a baby and a stroller, not so much fun. But, at least I got some workout done on vacation, right?

I seriously thought about doing hill repeats on this hill, but laziness took over. Why do today what you can do in a month?

Seth and I were fascinated by all the different types of vegetation in the area. One minute you would have holly and moss. The next minute you would see a pretty pink flower blooming as if it were the middle of summer. We didn't get a chance to drive around much in the Atlanta area, but what we saw was very pretty, and well...naturey.

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  1. Gorgeous neighborhood! Looks like a mix of suburbs and countryside