January 21, 2013

Christmas in Atlanta...

Yes, I am fully aware that it is almost a month after Christmas and my trip to the US, and I am just now making a post. I, also, admit that I am the worst blogger ever. I only hope you may forgive my long sabbatical as I was busy just enjoying my family and then recouping once I got back to Playa.

So, onto the show. Our first destination was Atlanta, Georgia to visit Seth's side of the family. Let me tell you. Coming from sunny 84 degree weather and suddenly landing in 35 degree, cold is quite a shock to your
system. We had sent our winter clothes with my mother-in-law ahead of time, thank God, but man, it was still cold!
Here are some pictures of our family. My niece, Sydney, just cracked me up. She is the goofiest girl and was always making funny faces. Taelyn was going through quite a bit of separation anxiety during the ENTIRE time we were in Atlanta, but that didn't discourage Sydney. She was a trooper and kept playing with her and trying to make Taelyn smile.

Then, we have Seth's twin brother Aaron. Clearly, they are not identical. But, all the boys in the family look pretty similar, and it seems like all the kids took after the Schnelle side too.

I just loved all the little decor elements that my sister-in-law had throughout the house. I'd say it was your typical Southern home with a little shabby chic edge. And who doesn't like some shabby chic?Croquette, anyone? Not in this cold, that's for sure!
This old Ford truck was sitting in front of a neighbor's house. How can you not love the color and character? Of course, Seth took a kazillion pictures of it. I'll limit it to one for your sake.

 I call Seth's side the Atlanta family because its just easier to keep us all organized since we are spread out over many states. The Atlanta family lives in a neighborhood that consists of one street in a cup-de-sac surrounded by woods. All the houses have a southern Plantation style with wrap around porches. I'll show you more of the neighborhood later. Makes me want to get my antebellum on or something. 

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