January 27, 2013

And We're Off to Oklahoma!...

After our short stay in Atlanta, we jumped on yet another plane to Dallas. My sister picked us up at the DFW airport and then we drove the 2 1/2 hours to Oklahoma. Its much easier and cheaper for us to fly into Dallas and than drive to Oklahoma then to just fly to Oklahoma since
we would have done a layover in DFW anyway. In a round about way, it makes sense.
We had quite a time just trying to get into the darn state! First, our flight in Atlanta was cancelled (with zero notice) and then we had to wait for another flight 5 hours later. After finally getting into DFW, some of our luggage had been lost. So then I started the search for a carry-on and all of our checked. After a very long wait in baggage claim, we found out our checked was in a completely different terminal. Our carry-on that we checked at the last minute, was still in Atlanta (or so they say). We found all our checked and AA promised to ship our carry-on the next (yeah, right). Needless to say, they didn't and we found it at the OK airport 3 days later on a whim trip to see if they had it. They did. No one called us. Oh bother!

Don't think we let all that crazy traveling damper our spirits! No way, Jose! I was so glad to see my family and just sit around while they entertained the baby. I think everyone feels a special warmness in their hearts when they are having Christmas with their family. Even though we all grow up and have our own families and create our own traditions, its the history that still comes back and makes you smile and remember when.

Life is so hard being a teenager. This is my niece Sabah's usual standing position. I managed to snap a few of her actually smiling later, but I'll put you in suspense for those.

I'd say that my parents and I both have a penchant for weird ornaments. My mother is obsessed with all things flamingo, so the little pink thing below is no surprise to anyone in my family. The Elvis ornament, who knows. My parents would be able to tell you some story about how they met and both loved Elvis or something like that and blah, blah, blah. So to them it only makes perfect sense to have an Elvis ornament to remember the days. I say all this tongue in cheek because really their stories and logic are kinda cute, and I know I'm the same way.

 So we thought Atlanta was cold? Pish Posh...Oklahoma was FREEZING! I just opted to stay in most of the time. I think I may have even worn my coat to bed it was so dang cold in that state. This is for sure...there is absolutely no way we will EVER move back to Oklahoma. And if I should ever even flirt with the idea, I will look back at these pictures and remember why that won't EVER happen!

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