January 26, 2013

Atlanta Christmas...

Christmas was such a good time in Atlanta, and we couldn't have been thankful enough for the Atlanta Family for their hospitality. Even though Taelyn was quite a challenge sometimes, they were real troopers and didn't let anything bug them. It was nice to spend time with the whole
family together, and I know Nana was enjoying seeing everyone in the same room after so many years scattered about.
What Christmas morning is complete without sausage, eggs, and gravy? Love me some good 'ol Southern breakfast. And sausage...real honest to God, sausage. Not homemade like I have to do in Playa, but real  breakfast sausage the way it should be done.
I scored with some much beloved box of Twinkies. For any of you lost souls out there, Hostess Company is no more which means no more twinkies. Sad, sad times. But I've got some and you don't! Nah, nah, nah nah! I totally surprised Seth and had his favorite beef jerky shipped into Atlanta. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm so good at buying him presents, and he's always caught off guard by my ingenuity. Yeah, ok, I was tooting. But its well deserved.

Noah got the much wanted German Shepherd puppy he was was begging and pleading his parents to buy him. I think everyone liked playing with this little guy Christmas morn.
Seth and me just hanging out and watching everyone finish unwrapping. I'd say they know how to do presents in Atlanta. Wouldn't you?

So I'd show you all pictures of my brother-in-law, Jared, but alas, there are none. Jared is notorious for being late to just about everything. First, he was supposed to arrive Thursday before Christmas. Then he was going to come in Christmas Eve morning. Then it got bumped to Christmas Eve night. Finally, he was going to drive all night and arrive at 6am Christmas morning. We all started taking bets on Jared's arrival time. He finally arrived around 10:30am...Nana was the winner.

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