January 31, 2013

Christmas in Oklahoma...

I  was thinking about these last few posts and how weird it is to just now post about Christmas. But, alas, what am I to do? Busy with family. Busy with baby. Fight for the computer from the husband. So, you must forgive me for my extreme tardiness and...well...just plain awkwardness
of Christmas in January. I liked the pictures so much, I decided to share. Even it is really late.

It was a pretty good Christmas for us all. I think everyone was pretty happy with what they got. In the past, we used to go overboard and there would be mounds of presents. Overtime, everyone has agreed less is more and keep it simple. I think it makes us all a lot more appreciative of what we have, and it keeps the kids grounded. Family focused. Not gift focused.

In a very rare moment, we saw my teenage niece, Sabah, smile. A real honest to God SMILE! The best part was the hug we captured between her and my sister after she opened the new laptop Jenny gave her. Sabah being the middle child often gets the leftovers of the oldest. It was really nice because this was one Christmas where everyone was focused on getting her something she needed and wanted. Best part? She doesn't have to share it with her little brother at all. Seth installed the laptop with an external flatscreen monitor, mouse, and her drawing tablet up in her room so she's got her own little work station. Her own little world.

Mmmmm...dinner. Enough said.

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  1. Oooh crescent rolls! My weakness!

    Less is more sounds great :)