February 1, 2013

Christmas Village...

The city of Richardson, Texas has this really awesome Christmas village set up outside the library by my sister's house. Seth and I went over there one night during our date nights to check it out. All I can say is I wanted to be a kid again. I can't wait to take Taelyn next year
when she is more aware of things and would actually enjoy herself. Let's just say...FUN!

On specific days, the buildings are open for children to visit. They do education activities so the children learn about those specific things done in the buildings or whoever is sponsoring the workshop. For example, in the fire station, they do activities with firemen to learn about how to put out fires or safety in case of a fire. Fun and education. Who doesn't love that?

Seth and I were obsessed with the tree lights. There was one gigantic tree that was completely filled with lights. Being kids at heart, we ooohhhed and aaahhhed with the best of them.

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