February 3, 2013

Home Away from Home...

I didn't take very many pictures while I was in Dallas. When you are an expat, you just get so busy with your family, that picture taking takes the back seat. I think also when you go back for a month or more, things become so common place that you forget that others may not see what
you see where they live. Plus, I was working on a little sewing with my mom to decorate Taelyn's room in Playa. Posts for that to come soon. But no more excuses. Picture time!

My sister is obsessed with her cats. Me not being a cat person can't even tell you all their names. I'm pretty sure the black one is Midnight but I just prefer to call them by their colors; black cat, spotted cat, orange cat. It works for us. The cats know I'm talking to them, and they get it. Of course, being cats and since they can tell I'm a dog person, they seek me out and climb all over me.

My nephew has started going to Tae Kwon Do. He seems to really like it and I like that he's being active. Excuse me while I sound old...but kids today just play video games and watch TV. When I was a kid, you ran around the house and rode your bike in the neighborhood. Where has this gone? My sister put him in Tae Kwon Do to keep him active and give him focus. It seems to be working so that makes me like it. 

Taelyn's first trip to a real honest to God park. Anyone who lives in Mexico can tell you that Mexico is not know for its parks. She has been down a slide in one of the parks in Playa, but that's about all they have. This park by my sister's house had baby swings, slides, climbing rope (we stayed away from those), and wind chimes. I'm not sure if she liked the swings or chimes better. The slide, she was a bit unsure but I think she warmed up to the id

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