February 4, 2013

Golf Course Fun...

After we got back from the freezing cold US, Seth and I decided to spend some time outside with Taelyn. The community we live in, Playacar, circles a beautiful golf course with beautiful grass (of course). Although, it has lots of sidewalks, the one thing it lacks is just plain 'ol grass for
kids to run around on and play like kids do. You don't realize that you miss these things until your child is old enough to run around, and you desperately need a place they can run safely where you don't have to constantly look for cars and bikes. Alas...the golf course.

Technically, you're not supposed to play on the golf course. Technically, you're supposed to be a member in order to enjoy its benefits. Technically, you're only supposed to play golf on the course. Oh, but wait! There is a big rule written very tiny in between the lines...we're in Mexico so all rules are meant to be broken! And break it, we did!

Everyone uses the golf course to play and walk their dogs. You just have to make sure you go after the guard has picked up the flags for the day. Then it is your playground for running and jumping and chasing. Taelyn screamed with glee when she realized there were no boundaries. Such fun! We played until the sun went down, and we got to enjoy this beautiful sunset. Best of all, Taelyn was exhausted and clonked out within 2 minutes of going to bed. Happy Mommy!


  1. You look gorgeous!! Hey, they worst thing that could happen is the guard tells you to leave, right?

    I could really use some running in a field of grass time myself.

    1. Why thank you, ma'am. I think the baby makes me look good. You're right about the guard though. I guess I just hate getting in trouble. Maybe it goes back to all those years in Catholic school.

  2. Haha. Such a cool mom you are! Next time you might as well give Taelyn her first golf lesson. Then you'd probably do it in the next 20 years of your lives. :) Golf is a the kind of sport which requires manners, courtesy and the sort. It would be nice to introduce good etiquette to Taelyn through something fun.