May 17, 2013

Dinner and a Play(time)...

Yesterday morning, I decided to make my husband's favorite dish, Adobe Pie. This also happens to be my friend, Maria's, favorite dish. So when I knocked on her door yesterday morning to invite her to lunch, she jumped at the opportunity. I told her lunch was at 1pm, and she arrived promptly at 1:30 (which is early for Mexican time). I was quite proud of her. Also, its easy to forgive someone who brings a bottle of white wine with them. 

Adobe pie is a cornmeal pie filled with a layer of poblano pesto and chicken with corn. I make a 3 chili sauce and a roasted red pepper sauce to go over the top. The red pepper sauce is the hubby's favorite sauce. I honestly think if I gave him a spoon and told him it was soup, he'd go for it. I've taken this recipe from one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas, Blue Mesa, who is so kind as to share the recipe online. The red pepper sauce is a little somethin', somethin' I've cooked up. It takes the better part of 2 days and a kazillion pots and pans to make while taking caring of Taelyn, but it soooo worth it.Maria and my friend, Lattie, say its tastes like Mexican fine dinning restaurant food. I say its more southwesterneryish. But why split hairs? Its good.

After lunch, we took a nice long nap. Then, we had to get the little terror tired out again for bedtime. What's the best way to exhaust out a baby? A night of bike rides, running hills, and swimming. We took Taelyn over to the golf course and let her run up and down the hills for awhile. I let Seth chase after her since I was the designated photographer. Because we were all sweaty, we decided a plunge in the water would be best with poolside dinning. How fancy!

It was a fantastic day with good food, good company, and good play. 

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