May 18, 2013

I'm an Addict...

Hello, my name is Kristen, and I'm addicted to horchata. Yes, I know its shameful that I must have this delicious drink at least 3 times a week, but I just can't help myself. I know that my husband will one day be ashamed of all the pounds I have put on because it is so horribly unhealthy for me. I know that I'm a bad example to my daughter when she sees me order a grande instead of a chica like I should. I know! I know! I know! But to be honest, I've accepted and embraced my horchata addiction, and I don't really have any plans of getting help with my issue.

There I said it. I'm glad I just laid it out there. And I'm sure that if you too have had horchata then you understand why I have this
crazy urge to gulp it down as if life is being restored in my body because kinda is.
When this lady sees me come in, she just walks to the horchata section because she knows that's what I want. Very few words are needed. "Quiero una grande horchata piña colada" or whatever flavor (pina colada, coconut, mixed fruit, or rice) I'm in the mood for that day, but usually its a toss up between piña colada or coco. She always gives me this look like she knows I need help, but she wants my money so she accepts my issue. I'm ok with this. I have no shame.
La Michoacana serves ice cream too, but honestly, I've only had it once. It was good. Actually, it was very good. But, I know if I choose to get ice cream, then I can not in fact get horchata too. Even I know that would be really, really bad. So horchata always wins. ALWAYS.

Since we're a tourist town, everyone, and I do mean everyone has a propina box. Their's just happens to be really cute and because they accept my problem, I give them a couple of pesos.
See...even Taelyn gets how good horchata tastes. Yes, I'm a bad, bad mother. I know.

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  1. Nothing WHATSOEVER shameful about an horchata addiction!