July 23, 2013

Splish Splash...

When we first arrived back in the US, we spent a couple of weekends in Oklahoma before I returned back to work. It was so great just getting to hang out with my parents and not worry about stocking up on supplies and clothes to take back to Mexico. This time, it was just chilling and relaxing. My mom wanted to take us to this free outdoor water playground for kids about 10 minutes from their house in Norman (that would be the home of Oklahoma University for all you non-sports fans). I cannot tell you what an awesome idea I think this was for the city of Norman to build for
good, family fun. Basically, its a gated off area in a public park with different water sprayers where kids and adults can play for FREE! How cool is that? The park also has an amphitheater, playground, picnic areas, basketball court, and skate park. C'mon, that's cool!

My nephew had a great time running under the buckets of water that would fill up and then tip over, soaking anyone within 3 feet of it. I think that was my favorite part.

Somewhere in there, Taelyn had to refuel with some lunch. They had covered picnic areas with tables and benches so people could have parties and group get togethers. We had to wait for one to come available, but boy, did it come in handy on a sunny day! Love me some Arby's!
...Then, it was back out to the water.
Taelyn met a little boy her age. They attempted to share a ball, but I'm not so sure how much sharing was really going on with her. He was a good sport though.

We had a great time. Just an hour or so of fun out in the sun and then home for a really long nap!

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