November 30, 2013

Yeah, That's my Man...

Listen, I'm not going to lie. I think my husband is sexy as hell. And I think he is his sexiest when he is fixing things. I just love this about him. I love that we can be driving down the road, and the alternator goes out. He just pulls into an O'Reilly's parking lot, hops into the store, buys what he needs, and fixes it right there. In the parking lot? Seriously! So our heater goes out the other day. On the first day of real winter here in Texas. (Just a heads up. Anything below 70 degrees and Texans freak out about how
cold it is. I mean, FREAK. OUT!) So, what does my husband do? Oh, he just hops outside and changes the thermostat. I don't even know where to check the oil, and he's out there changing the thermostat. I know all you girls out there know what I'm talkin' about. Sexy, ain't it?

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