December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner...

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that most Americans look forward to probably more than any other in the US. My family is right there with the best of them when it comes to planning, eating, and enjoying this fantastic time! But, what I'm loving most about this Thanksgiving is
that Taelyn is starting to get a lot more involved in cooking. She helped to mix the yolks for the deviled eggs, pat the turkey dry, stir the cranberry sauce, and wash the potatoes. Pretty good for a toddler, huh? I'm looking forward to many more holidays cooking with her.

This year I decided to stuff the turkey like I did last year with limes, oranges, apples, rosemary, and butter. I put butter, rosemary, and thyme under and over the skin for flavor and to make it nice and golden brown. We cooked it in a turkey bag which my dad swears by. And it worked! Perfect turkey, and it only took 3 hours for a 20 pound bird! That's amazing!

Anyone will tell you that its all about the gravy in the south. You'll find different kinds of gravy all depending on what area of the country you live. Because we are a southern states, ours is a creamy lighter gravy. In the north, it would be darker and more brothy. Just a little gravy 101 for ya. I made mine with heavy cream and the turkey broth from the bird. My only regret is that I should have used some rosemary or thyme in my roux to give it a little bit more umph, but it was still good. The family was happy so I guess that's what counts in the end.

I'm sure this is how it is almost everywhere, but traditionally the men carve the turkey. Honestly, who wants to deal with a steaming hot turkey and carve around all those bones when you've got a big strong man around to do it? C'mon, ladies. I know you agree with me.
The usual suspects…green bean casserole, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls. We had deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, and olives on the table and of course, extra gravy to smother onto our potatoes. In the past, I would have taken on everything. However, since having a child and living abroad, my desire to be an overachiever has kinda gone to the waste side. We split up all the dishes between my sister, my mom, and me. It was the best idea ever, and I've already given a heads up the Christmas is going to be a "all hands on deck" event too.

"Hey! Are we gonna eat already?!"
Good food. Good family. Good times.
After all that stuffing of our mouths, we all managed to save a tiny little spot in our tummies for dessert. My mom is the dessert maker in the family so that was her item to bring, naturally. She made pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin honey pie, cherry pie, and cranberry apple cobbler. Whew! I have tried many times to make pie, but I don't think its my calling. 
I swear this child smiles. I'm sure I can find some obscure picture where my niece smiled. Maybe when she was five or something, but I just know I have a smiling Sabah somewhere. 
And after all that eating, Taelyn went into her room to play. The rest of us, chilled on the couch, took naps, and watched some football. Dallas Cowboys, of course.

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